A Mother Blessing with a touch of Doula Magic

Mother Blessings are something that have interested us for a while and now we can offer you a Doula Magic Mother Blessing after a really great workshop.

13th May 2021

Last night we spent a couple of hours developing a deeper understanding of how to facilitate the ceremony of Mother Blessings. We were guided through this process by Emma Ashworth; doula, breastfeeding counsellor, celebrant and author of The AIMS Guide to Your Rights in Pregnancy and Birth.

Emma came to Mother Blessings as a way of balancing out her birth activism work. Sharing her knowledge that these events provide a wonderful celebration of the journey we go on as we become parents. These ceremonies help to establish bonds of friendship, connection and support for birth and beyond.

A beautiful flower based mandala painted onto a pregnant woman's  abdomen with henna, this may be component of a mother blessing

As doulas we are always building on our knowledge and experience; keeping up to date with evidence, and developing our skills. Mother Blessings offer a unique way to share our skills and knowledge, providing those we work with a beautiful and enriching experience.

What is a mother blessing?

The term Mother Blessing is derived from some of the first people of North America, specifically the Navajo people; who are credited for the term and practice of the Blessingway. The practice of a Mother Blessing, in varying forms are found in many cultures all over the world.

It’s a celebration of love, connection, wisdom and support. A mother Blessing differs from a baby shower as it focuses on the parents experience; of the journey they will go on, how those around can support them. Family and friends become part of your circle and empower you with words of wisdom and love. They will create and craft items that will give you strength throughout your labour and birth and beyond.

Why have a mother blessing?

Providing an opportunity to bring the focus of pregnancy to you, and your experience; when often all focus is on your new tiny human. Encouraging those who are special to you to think about your transition and the support you may require. Allowing them to offering wisdom and knowledge, love and connection. It boosts your oxytocin, and warms your heart.

A mother blessing nurtures mothers and parents to be, but also to give tools to their friends and family. Enabling then to offer practical, emotional and physical support to their loved ones. This is really missing from our culture and we would love to see this returning to the mainstream.

As doulas we focus on empowering you, we recognise the journey you are on, this gives us an opportunity to support you, to build strength and confidence, build your support network, and feel amazing.

What happens at a Mother Blessing?

Every Mother Blessing is different, you get to choose the elements that are important to you. We will work with you to create something that feels right for you. There are some key components that we always include:

The Circle

We gather and we talk,

We share words that uplift and empower.

This can include poems, readings, words of wisdom, positive birth and postnatal stories.

There may be offerings of small gifts and tokens.

A selection of birth and postnatal wishes created by guests at a mother blessing, intended to give strength

The Nurturing

This may include henna or belly painting, massage, a little physical nurturing and pampering, crafting birth affirmations, post birth promises, perhaps decorating some baby grows.

Here we set positive intentions for labour, birth and beyond and make promises of support.

The Thread

We close the celebration a web of support; yarn or string is passed around the circle and each guest wraps it around their wrist a few times. This stays in place until after the baby is born, helping to keep both mother and baby in mind.

Within the circle this creates a visual web of connection and support that reaches through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Flowers and cake

The food

No celebration is complete without food, shared and enjoyed together.

This is can take whatever form you would like:

  • Bring and share
  • Pot luck
  • Catered for
  • A sit down meal
  • Afternoon tea

Throughout the event we will guide your guests to create keepsakes, that can be connections to them throughout labour, birth and the postnatal period. Giving you strength, positive energy and support.

We can accommodate most things you would like to include and build the ceremony around you and what you feel is important. We also have a great “menu” of ideas that you can pick from if you are not totally sure about how you would things to go.

Then we add a little Doula Magic to the mix we helping you to plan the event and giving you the tools and ideas to make this the perfect mother blessing for you.

As doulas we are able to hold the space, guiding everyone through the ceremony, making everyone feel comfortable and safe. We will fill the environment with love and warmth.

How can you book and what is involved?

Contact us now for a chat about your blessing, and we can start planning the perfect experience.

Our prices start at £170.

What do you get for this price?

  • Planning session, to plan how you would like your mother blessing to flow, what activities you’d like.
  • Guest info packs explaining what they may need to prepare or bring with them on the day.
  • A list of things you may need to prepare.
  • Venue suggestions.
  • Support leading up to the event coordinating attendees, answering questions.
  • On the day you get one or both of us to facilitate your day, guide your guests and lead you all through the celebrations.
  • We will set up the space and make it feel comfortable and welcoming.
  • As part of our preparation we will craft readings and rituals that will bring your group together building a wonderfully empowering and nurturing celebration.

If you would like to know more please feel free to get in touch.

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